Your choice of shower will mainly depend upon your hot water system. Please use this basic guide to the 3 main types of shower

1. Mixer Showers
If you have a combi boiler, a mixer shower is generally the least expensive and best performing shower you can have. These are fed by mains cold and hot water (from the boiler) and provide a very good pressure of shower.

Mixer showers are usually thermostatic (stable temperature) and come in various styles:

Exposed valve
Usually the pipes are concealed in the wall with the shower body and controls in view. A flexible hose and riser kit is normally used with this type of shower.

Concealed valve
The main body of the shower is fitted in a cavity wall or cupboard giving a neat look with the cover plate and controls exposed. This type of shower can be used with a flexible hose, fixed head, bath filler or body jets.
Bar mixer
These shower valves are generally the least expensive and are relatively straightforward to replace.

If you have a gravity system, a pump can be installed to boost your shower performance.

2. Electric Showers
These are usually installed where the hot water pressure is low (i.e. gravity system, no combi boiler).
If you already have an electric shower and would like to replace it, the power rating (8.5, 10.5Kw etc) of the shower is dictated by the size of cable you have. If the cable is not sufficent then you should either consider a lower rated shower or have a new cable installed.

3. Power Showers
A power shower is a good option if you have low pressure hot water. They are supplied by hot and cold water and incorporate a pump giving a good quality shower. The electrical connection of these is normally straightforward as they do not require a dedicated cable.

There are other showers available such as digital, which I am also happy to install.